What is DFC?


Delft Fencing Club

The Delft Fencing Club is a young, active, and ambitious student fencing association. Started out in 2004 as a continuation of ‘Delftsche Studenten Scherm Vereniging’, with the aim of educating students to able fencers that can compete on national tournaments. Within the club extra attention is given to members who train for international tournaments.


The young but rich history of the DFC has many stories of success among of them are:

·         A recent second place medal was obtained by our female sabre equipe.

·         An older achievement was obtained by Nico Speelman who in April 2009 became Dutch champion in sabre.

·         Teun Plantinga expands the medal count as a multiple Dutch Champion and was active in multiple world cups.

·         The sabre equipe became in 2007 Dutch champions

·         Boudewijn Wisse became in 2005 third during the Dutch national championships and has fenced at multiple world cups.

·         Other fencers reached the top 10 national ranking and reached success at world cups.


The club provides a platform in which students both can explore fencing and grow competitively. Our core exists out of 30 active members and a board responsible for the day to day issues. Support comes from commissions responsible for varying task such as material maintenance and parties. Besides enthusiasm and fun there are 2 trainers who educate our DFC members and hone their fencing skills. Beginner trainings are given by X Delft with support from our members.


DFC is a student fencing association bound to TU Delft and their sports centre X. These trainings are organized in sports centre X in hall Combat. The training hours are for 2018/2019:

Training hours DFC


19:30 – 20:30

Beginners course


20:30 – 23:00

Advanced training


19:00– 20:30

Advanced training


Members of DFC partake in multiple national tournaments of which some are special student tournaments called intercities and other are KNAS-tournaments organized under the royal Dutch fencing bond(Koninklijke Nederlandse Algemene Schermbond).

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