Delft Fencing Club

Student Fencing at TU Delft.

Beginners course

If you would like to start fencing, the beginners course that X TU Delft organizes together with us is perfect for you. At the start of each academic quarter, you can sign up for the beginners course.

The course is given by Ibrahim, who will guide you through the process of learning how to fence. From learning ‘how to walk’ all the way to making your first attacks and parries.

Club training

During the academic year our regular trainings are every Tuesday evening from 20:00 till 22:00, and Friday evenings from 20:15 till 22:15.

Here you can learn more advanced techniques so you can take your fencing to the next level. We always start with a hefty warm-up to train both agility and strength. After that we change into our fencing gear, and we will do both group lessons and individual lessons. You also get the opportunity to challenge others to a bout.

Check out the membership page to learn more about our membership fees.


Check out what weapons you can fence with. Click on the pictures to find out more:

Join a training!

Send an email to our secretary for a try-out training or more information on how to join.